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Kristian Levin aka noCreative is a 3D Artist working out of Copenhagen, Denmark. With 15+ years of experience across multiple disciplines in the creative industry, including the traditional art space and fine arts photography. Kristian entered the NFT scene late 2020. Known for his striking, signature 3D cloth work, Kristian has developed a notable presence within the NFT art community as a thought leader, artist, collector and curator. He has been exhibited at multiple venues like; Calgary contemporary, Beijing contemporary, the Stratosphere in Beijing and at billboards in Times Square during NFT NYC, to name a few.

Kristian is considered a community leader within the NFT Twitter space and has amassed a following of over 29k in a single year, which is growing at a rate of 8% per month. He’s been a curator on two drops for Makersplace, and one for SuperRare in association with NEAL.


Links & Socials: Twitter / Instagram


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