Nifty Gateway drop – SOLD OUT

Nifty Gateway drop – SOLD OUT

Well, we told you we were going to be going hard.

Having only formed Bloom back in November last year, we have been working so hard to create new opportunities for all of our artists. While our long term aspirations for the collective span well into the future. Our first port of call for the collective was to secure a drop as one collective force and show the industry what we are all about.

It was a great honour for us to make our first debut in the space on Nifty Gateway. Our first drop on the platform was split into two chapters and two separate dates. Both drops sold out in 15 minutes and all artists had more entries than their edition sizes that were set. In total the collective generated 20+ eth in sales. We have performed better than we ever could have hoped.

So what now? There are a lot of opportunities coming in currently and we are deciding which ones to move forward with and which ones aren’t right. As always our focus is always on the absolute highest levels of quality in whatever we do and we will only choose the projects which are the right fit.

But this is very much the beginning of our ambitions with the collective. We hope in future to have an incubator for young talent, to expand into client projects for brands looking to enter the space and to help educate new people entering the space too.

We are just getting started.


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